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Focuser software for Windows

I wrote both the ASCOM driver for this micro-focuser and a controlling application.
Here is the link to download both in a unique package.

When started the application tries to connect to the focuser using the standard COM port (COM1). Probably it is not the port used by Arduino thus an error occurs. You can enter the setup by clicking on the "Setup" button and set the right COM port. To find it type "devmgmt.msc" at the "Run..." prompt to enter the Device manager and search in the Ports (COM & LPT) the Arduino COM.
In the setup window you can enter also the right values for the step number and the focuser course.

Ok, the connection succeeds; then:

  • if in the setup you checked "Find zero" then the focuser moves intra-focal until it presses the limit-switch and then stops;
  • if you checked the "Restore last position" too then the focuser moves extra-focal until it reaches the last position stored (the position when application was closed);
  • if you checked instead the "Force last position" it means that YOU ARE SURE that the focuser was not moved manually from the last application closure so the "Zero Find" procedure is not needed and the position read from storage is surely the current position of the focuser.